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General Health | iHealth Topics - Health and Nutrition News

Sleeping on a bad lumpy mattress is known to cause back problems. Even if a bad mattress is not the cause of your backache, it can certainly make an existing back problem fabric bed (15)was. If you are prone to a bad back, make sure you buy a mattress that won’t make the problem worse.

The best mattress types for a bad back include memory foam mattresses such as TempurPedic. They are made from elastic foam which conforms to your body shape and will fit round it, giving support, but won’t put pressure on your body. Although these types of mattresses are more costly than cheap divan beds, or a fabric sofa bed, it is money very well spent if you suffer from back problems.

Air mattresses such are also an excellent option for back pain sufferers, as you can modify the mattress firmness level to suit your needs. These are a great solution if you are sharing a bed and you both have different support requirements.

If you need to buy a new mattress, of course it is ideal to try it out first, and for this you will have to purchase from a local store. However you will probably find that you can get the same mattress online for a lot cheaper, as online retailers do not have as many overheads as brick and mortar shops. One way around this is to go local to try mattresses out and then searched the same model online. There are many online mattress and bed sellers who offer next day mattresses delivery at no extra cost, so you can order your mattress on Monday and have it delivered by Tuesday directly to your door. Another good thing about looking online and you will find reviews from others who have already purchased the product, said it helps you make a more informed buying choice.

Hair Loss Can Get Lost With Procerin

I experienced hair loss when I was in my mid-30s. The experience caused me serious anxiety, especially as it came during a time when I was dealing with mid-life issues as well. It would have been a downward spiral to depression, if I didn’t discover the effectiveness of Procerin for hair growth.

Men And Their Hair – The Real Situation

There’s a common belief that women are very vain when it comes to their hair. Advertisements for shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and other products for the clowning glory have always been targeted to women. Meanwhile, men like me usually just use whatever’s available in the shower. When I was younger, I knew nothing beyond the usual wash-and-rinse routine.

It was only later did I knew that hair maintenance should also be an important concern for men. That is because more men than women will be facing serious hair problems, particularly the significant loss of hair, as they grow older. In fact, it is said that thinning hair, bald spots and baldness is experienced by 2 out of 3 American males.

When it happens, hair loss will usually be most noticeable in the hairline first. As the hairline starts to thin out or recede, this will commonly be followed by gradual baldness at the crown of the head. This is the exact thing that happened to me, a condition called Male Pattern Baldness.

Male Pattern Baldness – The Irony

For me to explain how Procerin works for promoting hair re-growth, it is important to first understand the possible causes of excessive hair loss in men.

Doctors point to genetics as among one of the top factors of determining hair loss. If your father, brother, or a few people from the immediate family are balding, then you may also face the same fate, too. It can also happen due to stress, as a medicine side effect, when you are recovering from illness, or when your hair is abused by too much treatment procedures and chemicals. It is also important to check with your doctor if there is a more serious underlying condition for your hair loss, as it is also a symptom of critical diseases such as diabetes or lupus.

As for me, the dermatologist said my rapidly thinning hair was caused by overactive dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in my body, which happens often when men approach middle age. The effect of Procerin lies in its ability to prevent this activity.

When DHT is overactive in middle aged men, it creates a new pattern of hair development in the body. I saw new hairs growing out of my nostrils and ears, while my head loses more and more hair each day, without regaining them back. It’s an irony that should be funny, if only it wasn’t happening to me.

By inhibiting the overproduction of DHT, Procerin stops hair loss at its root cause. The medicine can do this without affecting normal hormone activity. Compared to other medications without natural formulations, I need not worry that my hair loss remedy will interfere with testosterone, and block important sexual functions.

Its formulation of natural ingredients is 100% free of harsh chemicals. The two-part solution of oral tablets and topical foam are convenient and easy to use, with its AM and PM dosage that won’t hold up busy schedules.

Healthier, Thicker Hair For Men Using Procerin

I was lucky because I proceeded with the medication just in time, as my hair was still growing. Just like others who used the medication between 18-35 years of age, I experienced thicker in the areas where I most lost it, while my existing hair looked healthier and full-bodied.

Those who have passed the hair growth rate are not left without hope either. The medicine can still help them by retaining their existing hair, making the strands stronger and the follicle healthier to prevent further hair loss.

Admittedly, I was skeptical at first when I first heard the wonderful benefits Procerin can bring. Even with clinically proven results and verified user feedback, it seems unbelievable for me that such a remedy exists for something that’s been plaguing a huge population of men worldwide.

However, I still decided to give it a shot, since they are offering an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee. I carefully saved their toll free number, so I could avail of the refund immediately if Procerin doesn’t work for me. I really did call the number after 60 days – not to ask for a refund, but to order another set of Procerin!

Idolize My Idol Lash

Longer, darker and thicker lashes are the ultimate femme fatale’s accessory. There’s no need to bare your skin, fluff your hair or apply striking makeup. With voluminous, lush lashes via Idol Lash, you can instantly exude an alluring, mysterious and glamorous feel to your appearance without seemingly trying too hard.

Beautiful eyelashes are one of the main requirements for beautiful eyes. That’s why there’s a plethora of makeup and beauty products that cater exclusively to amplifying the appeal of the lashes. I know it because I’ve been there: no amount of skillful eye makeup will work if you don’t have lovely lashes.

As I have sparse and thin eyelashes, I’ve used products such as volumizing mascaras and eyelash extensions to fake a lush look. Needless to say, there are glaring limitations to these techniques. They’re not permanent, they can’t be used for certain activities, they’re time-consuming and most importantly, other people always know they’re there.

Before I discovered Idol Lash, I have been constantly searching for solutions to my eyelash dilemma. I want a solution that will let me have long, thick eyelashes without the need for high maintenance. I want sexy eyelashes I can show even when I’m swimming, running around, sleeping and upon waking up. In short, I want lashes that as real as the hair on my head.

Idol Lash

Idol Lash: Instant Yet Long-Term

Idol Lash is a clinically-proven eyelash growth enhancer that is guaranteed safe and easy to use. Upon getting my first kit, I immediately applied it on without major preparation and at the comfort of my own home. It’s consistency is similar to a liquid eyeliner, and is applied like one. What’s amazing is that upon application, the effect is instant – my lashes look longer and heavier.

This means, I get to enjoy the dual benefits of the product: It’s a temporary, instant solution for making the eyelashes look thicker and longer, while it promotes hair growth to allow the real eyelashes to increase in density for the long-term.

My first application proved the safeness of its all-natural ingredients. I didn’t experience any allergic reactions, eye irritations and other side effects while I was using this product, compared to other eye products. The eyes are the most sensitive parts of the body, and eyelashes are naturally easy to fall off, so I’m glad that Idol Lash is gentle to use.

The major ingredients of Idol Lash are hydrolyzed keratin, chamomile, alfalfa, honey and arnica extracts, propylene glycol, allantoin, butylene glycol, cocoyl sarcosine, panthenol, hydroxyethylcellulose, linoleic acid, bitter orange flower and jojoba seed oils. The blend of these ingredients is clinically proven to induce noticeable eyelash growth in three weeks of use. Individually, they also have unique benefits that support the increase of eyelash density.

For example, hydrolyzed keratin pertains to keratin molecules that have been treated so they can be small enough to penetrate the hair shaft. This affects all hair layers, literally ensuring deep conditioning.

Jojoba oil has a composition similar to sebum in the body which conditions and moisturizes hair and skin. It’s a natural and organic way to promote hair growth and strengthen each strand.

Linoleic acid is an essential omega-6 fatty acid. This type of acid is important for preventing hair loss, taming inflamed hair follicles, and promoting further hair growth in just six weeks of religious usage.

Meanwhile, allantoin is a botanical extract that is known to repair damaged tissue and promote tissue reconstruction that is essential for hair growth.

Idol Lash: Five-Step Benefits

Idol Lash works through a five-level process that benefits the eyelashes and the eyebrows, too. Yes, I use it for my eyebrows as well, and the results are as amazing. I now have healthy, well-shaped brows that frame my face perfectly.

The serum, when applied daily, lets the user achieve these five benefits:

1. Length: Encourages the eyelashes to grow long steadily

2. Thicken: Promotes thicker hair strands to add volume

3. Condition: Helps lashes stay healthy and shiny

4. Moisturize: To support steady hair growth

5. Strengthen: Makes lashes flexible and less brittle to grow out effectively

Try Idol Lash today!

Total Body Transformation With Chalean Extreme

Chalean Extreme: Results In One Month

Chalean Extreme – When I was young I was called chubby; when I grew up to be a woman, I was then branded voluptuous. But when I look at the mirror, I know I’m just plain overweight – I see it, and I feel it. Now that I’m getting older, I couldn’t cover my bulges with bulky clothing and loose shirts anymore, as I need to finally dress my age. I need to finally resolve my weight issues.

But the main motivation for me to take real action towards a fitter body is my health. My energy is always low, and as of my last medical checkup, I found out that my blood pressure is nearing high. My doctor warned me of other medical conditions that may affect overweight persons: diabetes 2, osteoporosis, heart disease, sleep apnea, gallstones, reproductive problems… the list is endless.

However, while I realize that I have to start losing weight now, I’m fully aware that I must do it the safe way, lest I even present myself to greater health risks. It’s important to eat low-calorie nutritious food, and lead an active life.

But with the large amount of fat I had to shred, I know that any old exercise routine won’t do. I need a powerful and effective system to burn body fat and tone my muscles in a remarkable way. With the way I lost considerable fat in just 30 days with the Chalean system, I knew that I just have to keep going because I’m already on my way to fitness.

Chalean Extreme

Chalean Extreme: Lose 60% Body Fat In 3 Months

The Chalean Extreme circuit training system is presented in a 6-DVD package, each of which contains 15 workouts at up to 45 minutes. Each disc is designed to comprise a particular set of exercise level to attain a specific goal, making me ready for the next phase.

The workouts are paced according to three phases:

Phase One – Burn: Initial weight lifting to prepare your metabolism. On this phase, I’m already burning calories and really working out my muscles.

Phase Two – Push: Weights I lift get heavier. At this stage, my muscles are building up and jump-starting to burn fat.

Phase Three – Lean: New routines for specific muscle groups to overall body transformation. With the new moves and extreme routines, I feel my body grow leaner and stronger each day.

After rigorous training of just three months, I was able to shed off 60% of my body fat! I measured it based from the Chalean Body Fat Tester. As I couldn’t believe it at first, I even used the body fat calculator developed no less than the US Navy. Taking into consideration my weight, height, and body measurements of my waist, I was really pleasantly stunned to see how fast the results are achieved.

Even without the calculator, I can clearly see the changes in my body: my flabby arms looked considerably toned, and my waist is starting to show definition. What’s more, my 30-45 minutes of sweating it off everyday made me feel more energetic and active all the time.

Chalean Extreme For Everyone

Based from the positive results of the Chalean Extreme system, I can see how the routines can be helpful even to those who are not as overweight as me. It’s a program that is as beneficial to the heart and blood pressure as other cardio based programs, and it strengthens the body and its immunity. Unlike crash diets or fad workouts, Chalean helps you maintain weight for life, as it works on changing the way your body stores and uses fat for energy.

The aim of Chalean to push everyone to total transformation can also be seen with the diet and support tools they include in the package. There’s a Muscle Burn Fat Guidebook, a really practical and easy-to-use manual for determining your daily workout and weight lifting schedule. It’s very helpful that every household can benefit from this fitness bible.

Another item, the Body Fat Tester, is a handy gadget for measuring body fat loss every step of the way. It’s very easy to use, that I do use it every two weeks just to motivate myself with my success. The Thigh Toner Band is a great exercise accessory I use for leg routines. It provides me extra resistance so that I’ll be able to achieve maximum results.

More free gifts further help me achieve my fitness goal: the Fat Burning Food Guide, plus Chalene’s Personal Motivational Audio CD and Chalene’s “Healthy Eats” and Kitchen Makeover DVD. It’s like having a personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach in my home!

I plan to continue with the Chalean Extreme program for a long time, even after I’ve reached my ideal weight. Maybe I could pass it over to my younger sisters, or even my future children! I know that great health and a positive attitude are the greatest gifts I’ll ever give to myself, and to my loved ones. Why not buy the Chalean program for yourself today – Chalean Extreme?

My Life-Changing Experience With African Mango Plus

Weight loss is a personal issue I had been struggling with until I discovered African Mango Plus, which helped me effectively shed off unwanted pounds – and discarded along with it my insecurities, depression, life frustrations, and medical problems that come from being fat.

African Mango Plus

The Weight Of My Story

To show you how African Mango Plus helped me, let me share you my story. I have been saddled with weight issues ever since I was a teenager. Due to a combination of unwise food choices and an unhealthy lifestyle, my weight has risen steadily through the years, until I reached near obesity measurements on the weighing scale.

My overweight body caused me embarrassment at the very superficial level. It wasn’t a surprise that I couldn’t face acquaintances due to shame over how I looked – even I couldn’t face myself at the mirror.

My social anxiety not only affected my social life, but also my professional direction. I felt opportunities slip from the tips of my fingers because of “simply” being fat. I’ve lost count over how many job interviews I’ve passed due to fear that I’ll be judged because of my weight. That fear isn’t baseless either. There really have been a number of times when I felt some people were rude, or simply uncomfortable with me. How could I blame them? Even I was uncomfortable with my own skin.

Most of all, my excessive pounds impacted my health negatively. I was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes due to being overweight and lack of physical activity. I felt tired all day, and I suffer back pain and joint aches.

African Mango Plus: Medicinal Benefits

Needless to say, my quality of life is at the lowest levels, and it seem like there’s nothing I can do to change it. I’ve tried all the latest diet trends, enrolled in various weight loss programs and taken different pills and potions. The methods were either ineffective or unsustainable, so even if I was able to lose some weight, I just gain it back again in no time at all.

Two years ago, I was introduced to African Mango Plus. I was about to dismiss it as another fad supplement, until I learned that African Mango was personally endorsed by Dr Mehmet Oz, one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

I learned that African Mango, through its essential ingredient Irvingia Gabonensis, is a very nutritious variety that has many culinary and health uses. Native to West Africa, in the old days it was a required fare for hunters, to increase speed and alertness.

Today, the red skinned mango, with its sweet and golden yellow flesh, is a favorite fruit in the region. The seeds, which contain the most concentrated nutrition, is used for cooking and utilized to make medicine.

Modern science has rediscovered African Mango, and several studies have listed the main benefits of Irvingia Gabonensi:

1. Promotes weight loss

2. Increases metabolism

3. Increases fat oxidation

4. Fights fatigue

5. Lowers cholesterol

Losing Weight Through African Mango Plus

By taking 150 mg of African Mango Plus two times a day before meals, I was able to experience a significant loss in my body weight and fat. I can measure clearly my success in numbers: 3 inches off my waist and 13 pounds less in just 28 days! Continuous use consequently improved the results.

While I’m taking my supplements, I still enjoy a healthy diet rich in fiber-rich, low-calorie foods. My increased metabolism makes sure all the nutrients and calories from food I take are effectively converted into energy, instead of excess fat as what happened when I had low metabolism. More energy gives me more vitality to exercise and move around – another plus for my weight loss goal.

Another important effect of African Mango is its promotion of leptin in the body. When there is more leptin in your blood, it sends a message in your brain that you had enough food in your body. I don’t feel hungry all the time, and my appetite for junk foods and sugar is almost non-existent.

Losing weight has helped me manage my diabetes, and eased my back pain and other bodily complaints. I feel and look great inside and out. Through African Mango Plus, my life has changed for the better.

Better Life After Acne Through Acnezine Acne Treatment

Acnezine Acne Treatment helped me redeem my smooth, baby-soft skin and renew my self-confidence. After enduring years of acne, I’m now enjoying clear, healthy-looking skin – plus a few more health benefit.

For some people, acne may seem just like any other teenage dilemma that will go away as you mature. That’s what adults told me to make me feel a little better when my face was ransacked with huge pimples, blackheads and whiteheads in high school. But when I reached my 20s and still my skin problems didn’t clear away, I knew I had to really start growing up and begin taking care of myself.


My Life Before Acnezine Acne Treatment

My first pimple showed up when I was eleven years old. Another blemish quickly followed, and another one, and before I knew it, my skin was buried beneath a colony of zits. I was devastated, but also not easily defeated. I tried all kinds of treatment – from over-the-counter creams to mood-altering steroids.

A lot of the treatments and potions were just a waste of time and money. Some worked but only for a while, and then their efficacy wanes. A few seemed to be really effective, but with tremendously negative side effects that made me afraid to use them longer. During one particularly desperate period, I tried this pill that made my pimples go away like magic – but also brought about alarming mood swings that even I can’t recognize myself.

After that, I just gave up trying. I tried to accept that really bad, horrid skin will be part of my life. If that was what you still call a life, given my self-imposed social exile due to embarrassment over the way I looked.

Discovering Acnezine Acne Treatment

Last year, I heard about a new innovation in acne treatment. What made me sit up and notice is its claim to attack acne from the liver. Upon further research, I learned that this product guarantees clear, youthful skin by treating the source of problem from deep within the body – the natural way.

This acne treatment backs its methodology according to a new study that says in most cases of severe and chronic acne, liver dysfunction is the root cause. Problems with the liver occur when there is an overflow of toxins in the body, caused by pollution, stress, lifestyle choices and other things. To combat toxins, the liver will tend to work overtime, producing an oversupply of androgens. These hormones command the skin to produce more oil – which everybody knows traps dirt in the pores, causing inflammation and pimples.

Now, I consider myself an acne product specialist, given the diverse treatments I’ve personally tested. I know I’ve got to try this new breakthrough, because frankly, their methodology makes sense to me, and rekindles in me a flicker of hope that I’ll be able to lead a normal life again.

Life After Acne Using Acnezine Acne Treatment

I didn’t see any improvement after a week of using the new treatment. Instead, my breakout looks even worse, with new pimples surfacing on my back. Still, I persisted. I knew the skin needs adjusting to certain medications, and with acne removal, sometimes all the dirt and bacteria have to come out before it takes effect.

Within less than a month, I can see significant changes. My acne has been cleared. Not one pimple has remained on my face and whole body. Other blemishes such as red spots, whiteheads and blackheads looked like they have been magically erased. As my pimples healed, no scarring occurred. What makes the deal sweeter was that I noticed my skin is not only spot-free, but also has a dewy, soft quality to it.

The Total Approach Vs Acne

I’ve been using Acnezine Acne Treatment for a year now, and I didn’t eel any single negative effect of using this product. Maybe that’s because Acnezine Acne Treatment is made up of 100% natural ingredients and minerals such as Vitamin E Acetate, Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Aloe Vera and Bioperine Extract.

These ingredients work together to boost antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants work by targeting toxins, assisting liver duties, and strengthening the immune system. I know that such kind of total approach is not only beneficial for my skin, but for my whole body.

I never thought that clearer skin and a healthier body will be possible for me to achieve. But it is possible, and my new job, new friends and stronger family bonds can attest to that. Through Acnezine Acne Treatment life after acne is a life well lived. I would absolutely recommend Acnezine Acne Treatment to anyone.

Living The Good Life Through A Bowtrol Colon Cleanser

Bowtrol Colon Cleanser is one product that changed my life for the better – read this as it may change yours, too. Through regular colon cleansing, I was able to lead a quality, productive life. My friends say how much fun I am to be with now, and my family is thankful as well that I now look healthier and happier than ever before.

My Bodily Complaints: Why A Bowtrol Colon Cleanser Is Necessary

Ever since my younger days, I have been suffering from frequent headaches. Perhaps because of this, I feel tired all day, and my energy level is so low that even moderate activities require humungous effort. During stressful periods, such as exam week or when I am facing emotional issues, the headaches are often accompanied by an upset stomach.One time I felt so terrible that I went to the doctor. However, my physician found nothing wrong with me. He just attributed it to stress, and then advised me to take it easy and take my multivitamins.


Ever since my younger days, I have been suffering from frequent headaches. Perhaps because of this, I feel tired all day, and my energy level is so low that even moderate activities require humungous effort. During stressful periods, such as exam week or when I am facing emotional issues, the headaches are often accompanied by an upset stomach.One time I felt so terrible that I went to the doctor. However, my physician found nothing wrong with me. He just attributed it to stress, and then advised me to take it easy and take my multivitamins.

Bowtrol Colon Cleanse: The Solution For A Healthy Body, Inside And Out

Little did I know that all my problems are a result of the toxins I’ve accumulated over the years, and they continue to build up every passing day. These waste materials have settled in my colon, disturbing my body’s processes. Only an effective intestine-clearing procedure particularly through Bowtrol Colon Cleanser is the key to curing my medical problems.

With comprehensive research and consultation from a colon cleansing expert, I learned that I was not alone in my suffering. In fact, over 95 million Americans are also experiencing symptoms of intestinal problems, a number of which I’ve been enduring through the years. These are frequent headaches, tiredness or sluggishness, frequent diarrhea or constipation, inability to focus or concentrate, weight gain, unhealthy skin and hair, and nails diseases.

Wrong lifestyle choices, such as neglecting to eat healthy food and not enough fruits and vegetables also intensify the impact of the symptoms mentioned above. A sedentary life, without the benefit of regular exercise, and incorrect sleeping habits also contribute to weight gain, low metabolism, and an overall negative disposition.

The good news is: there is one, effective solution to all my various medical problems. That is a Bowtrol Colon Cleanser, which will flush out all toxins lurking inside my intestines, and eventually keep my body in tip-top shape, inside and out. After all the junk, parasite and excess waste in my stomach has been cleared away, my body can then fully enjoy all the vitamins and minerals from the food and nutrients I consume. I’m so excited to start my colon cleansing and witness my body get back in shape!

Bowtrol Colon Cleanser Experience: My Own, Unadulterated Account

I was aware that colon cleansing is such a powerful process that will take away even the deep-seated unhealthy matter inside me, so I was prepared for a really painful and difficult time. However, upon taking my first doses of Bowtrol Colon Cleanser and experiencing the initial effects, I was pleased and relieved to find out that the colon cleansing was done effectively yet gently. This is because Bowtrol is made up of herbal and organic ingredients that do not put undue pressure on the body systems – but are deadly when it comes to toxins and parasites inside it.

After finishing my first bottle, I have experienced the following benefits. I can imagine what greater health advantages I will be able to get with my next two bottles – which Bowtrol gave to me for free!

For one, my headaches stopped considerably. I am now able to think clearer, and I feel so lighter. My body is now freed from the pressure of fighting all those toxins inside my stomach and bloodstream, so my energy and metabolism is now enjoying an all-time high. I feel great and confident, and people around me say my vitality is so evident in my glowing aura.

But then again, that “glow” they now see on me may also be just my clearer, healthier skin, now free from pimples, blemishes and dullness. Even my hair has more body now and my nails do not chip so easily. I know that all these are results of the toxins being flushed out from my bloodstream. I can now even fit into more fashionable clothes, since colon cleansing has removed 4-10 pounds of excess fecal matter from my stomach, helping me shed some weight and leaving me with a flatter stomach. Talk about beauty from within!

As for the upset stomach I used to suffer, it’s virtually non-existent now. Whether the stomach pain came from constipation or gas, a colon cleanse helped my digestive system return to its optimal health. It has now been able to absorb and process effectively all the healthy, organic fruits and vegetables I eat so that my body will benefit from all the nutrients and vitamins from my nourishing diet.

Bowtrol Colon Cleanser is definitely an essential step towards good health and a great life. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, I was a sickly girl with a mediocre existence. Now, I’m a woman living her life to the fullest! I have no hesitation in recommending Bowtrol.