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Semenax For Increased Sexual Drive And Fertility

I know that the purpose of lovemaking can be both for sheer pleasure, and for reproduction. But there was a time that I wasn’t able to achieve any of those intentions due to my low sperm count, until I found Semenax.

I guess you could call me a late bloomer. I followed all the rules – good grades, graduation, decent job. I didn’t “fool around” like most guys. I wanted to make sure everything is perfect before I get serious with a girl.

So when I discovered my sex-related problem in my mid-30s, it was as if all my carefully laid-out plans were snubbed by the universe. This was the period when we were supposed to be having children, but years passed and yet my we still couldn’t get pregnant. Our biological clock was ticking. I have to act fast.

After a round of medical tests and doctors’ consultations, specialists found out that my wife’s difficulty conceiving is rooted to my abnormally low sperm count. It was a long way of saying that I was infertile. It was a strike to my male ego. Here I am, so sure that I would get what I want in life since I did what a man was expected to do, yet now I was totally helpless and clueless at this critical point in our lives.


No Hospital Treatment For Low Sperm Count

Prior to knowing about Semenax, I thought that having not enough sperm was one of the worst problems I can’t solve. Advanced fertility experts say that the defect of low sperm count, clinically named as low motility, has no known absolute cure. This is especially true with cases where genetics is the root cause, which is actually the most common.

For men with low sperm count, the few treatments left to consider have one thing in common: all of them have no guaranteed effectiveness. Doctors can prescribe hormone medications, drugs, and surgical correction, but all of these have no evidence of increasing pregnancy rates. At that point, we were willing to spend a huge amount of money called for these procedures, but since my case is genetically-rooted, none of these can be the real solution for increasing my sperm count.

Last Hope For My Sexual-Reproductive Problem – Semenax

I could tell you frankly that when I researched the Internet, and subsequently ordered a 4-month supply of Semenax online, it was an act of desperation. I wasn’t sure it was going to work, but I planned to just avail of their money back guarantee once I proved its uselessness.

Boy, was I in for a surprise the first time my wife and I had sex for the first time since taking the supplement! At that time, I was taking Semenax for two weeks already as a fertility health supplement, but had no idea what it can do for the sexual performance itself.

First, my erection was significantly harder, making my penis look full and bursting with power. I was able to sustain that hardness for so long that my wife was so surprised and thrilled at this new “trick” of mine. And when I reached climax, my ejaculated semen was so bountiful in a volume I never seen in my entire life. Needless to say, I was “overflowing” with sexual power and drive that my wife and I experienced monumental orgasms that night, and in almost every night since then.

We experienced a spicier sex life that was so completely different during the last few years when our intercourse would be so technical, just for the sake of having children. So imagine our double happiness when my wife went for her routine pregnancy test, without expectations, and then suddenly two pink lines confirmed her pregnancy!

Personally these are the benefits I can attest to when taking Semenax:

- increased semen volume
- enhanced sex drive, libido and stamina
- longer sustaining power
- harder, fuller erection
- powerful ejaculation
- forceful eruption
- intense orgasms
- super increased sperm count and fertility
- emotional and psychological assurance


Semenax For You

If you have similar problems like mine, I suggest you try this supplement. It’s easy to order online, and the package will be delivered to you discreetly. Even their billing process leaves no embarrassing situations, too. I know that these factors are important for men, as sperm count and sexual stamina are highly confidential, yet very essential concerns in our lives.

Now, my wife and I are enjoying raising our baby together. Her entry in our lives is truly a great blessing. She’s a miracle came true, with a little help from Semenax.

Breast Actives: Bigger Breasts, Better Life

Breast Actives made me a more confident woman by helping me achieve the perfect cup size the safe and affordable way.

Beautiful breasts have always been a well-loved trait in a woman’s body. In ancient times, goddesses are worshipped for their life-giving breasts; today, women with attention-grabbing cleavages are considered goddesses.

However, due to a number of reasons, many women are unhappy with their breasts. Some of them started out happy with their breasts, until gravity had its way as they got older. Some women lost weight, and likewise lost the fullness of their breasts. Others account the sagging to childbirth and breastfeeding.

Breast Actives

“I Look Like A Teenage Boy”

As for me, I was just naturally born with a really small cup size that made my body look like that of teenage boy’s. I was constantly in search of the product or procedure, short of going under the knife, that would help me fill out decent-sized bras. This was before I even heard about Breast Actives.

Everyday, I would struggle with what to wear to the office, as I can’t fit into women’s blouses and dresses properly. There will always be loose material on the area where my right-sized breasts should be. My choice was either to spend extra money for clothes alterations, or just stick to casual shirts and tops. Whichever way, I still looked immature and unprofessional. I’ve always suspected that that’s the reason why my colleagues don’t take me seriously.

This goes to show that my small breasts problem isn’t just about vanity or wrong self image. I yearned for fuller, bigger breasts because I think this will help me feel better about myself, which will hopefully rub off on the way others treat me.

Only Natural, Safe And Effective Ingredients Are Used In Breast Actives

Breast Actives is a three-way program that promises an innovatively scientific method of increasing breast size over the course of medication. First, the oral supplements are taken twice a day. Also, the cream is massaged on the breasts lightly every morning. Lastly, an optional set of exercise techniques are recommended to supplement the cream and pills.

Breast Actives is made up of 100% all-natural ingredients that are guaranteed FDA-safe foods. This means no negative side effects for the user, unlike the dangerous chemicals and risky procedures involving the leading breast enhancement methods today.

Among the ingredients listed in the pills are Vitamin E, fenugreek and fennel seeds, kelp, watercress dong quai root, dandelion, among others. As for the cream, a delicious blend of aloe vera, shea butter, wild yam extract, lecithin, and many more are included. All these natural ingredients, when blended together, can work to create conditions inside a woman’s body imitating puberty and pregnancy.

What’s the significance of these two periods? They’re the best times when breasts grow most prominently. In other words, Breast Actives tricks the body into naturally promoting breasts to grow bigger.

Medical literature says that results will be felt on the first 2 months. However, as early as the first 30 days, I have already noticed significant changes in my breast size. My bra started to feel tighter, around the straps and on the cups itself, so I adjusted the hooks and straps. My body started to fill out tops and dresses proportionally.

After two months of using Breast Actives, I’ve noticed that my breasts are not only larger, but also firmer. The stretched out skin also made it looked really smooth and white. True to its claim, Breast Actives is a really fast acting and effective option for increasing the size and improving the shape of women’s breasts.



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