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Weight Loss | iHealth Topics - Health and Nutrition News

Total Body Transformation With Chalean Extreme

Chalean Extreme: Results In One Month

Chalean Extreme – When I was young I was called chubby; when I grew up to be a woman, I was then branded voluptuous. But when I look at the mirror, I know I’m just plain overweight – I see it, and I feel it. Now that I’m getting older, I couldn’t cover my bulges with bulky clothing and loose shirts anymore, as I need to finally dress my age. I need to finally resolve my weight issues.

But the main motivation for me to take real action towards a fitter body is my health. My energy is always low, and as of my last medical checkup, I found out that my blood pressure is nearing high. My doctor warned me of other medical conditions that may affect overweight persons: diabetes 2, osteoporosis, heart disease, sleep apnea, gallstones, reproductive problems… the list is endless.

However, while I realize that I have to start losing weight now, I’m fully aware that I must do it the safe way, lest I even present myself to greater health risks. It’s important to eat low-calorie nutritious food, and lead an active life.

But with the large amount of fat I had to shred, I know that any old exercise routine won’t do. I need a powerful and effective system to burn body fat and tone my muscles in a remarkable way. With the way I lost considerable fat in just 30 days with the Chalean system, I knew that I just have to keep going because I’m already on my way to fitness.

Chalean Extreme

Chalean Extreme: Lose 60% Body Fat In 3 Months

The Chalean Extreme circuit training system is presented in a 6-DVD package, each of which contains 15 workouts at up to 45 minutes. Each disc is designed to comprise a particular set of exercise level to attain a specific goal, making me ready for the next phase.

The workouts are paced according to three phases:

Phase One – Burn: Initial weight lifting to prepare your metabolism. On this phase, I’m already burning calories and really working out my muscles.

Phase Two – Push: Weights I lift get heavier. At this stage, my muscles are building up and jump-starting to burn fat.

Phase Three – Lean: New routines for specific muscle groups to overall body transformation. With the new moves and extreme routines, I feel my body grow leaner and stronger each day.

After rigorous training of just three months, I was able to shed off 60% of my body fat! I measured it based from the Chalean Body Fat Tester. As I couldn’t believe it at first, I even used the body fat calculator developed no less than the US Navy. Taking into consideration my weight, height, and body measurements of my waist, I was really pleasantly stunned to see how fast the results are achieved.

Even without the calculator, I can clearly see the changes in my body: my flabby arms looked considerably toned, and my waist is starting to show definition. What’s more, my 30-45 minutes of sweating it off everyday made me feel more energetic and active all the time.

Chalean Extreme For Everyone

Based from the positive results of the Chalean Extreme system, I can see how the routines can be helpful even to those who are not as overweight as me. It’s a program that is as beneficial to the heart and blood pressure as other cardio based programs, and it strengthens the body and its immunity. Unlike crash diets or fad workouts, Chalean helps you maintain weight for life, as it works on changing the way your body stores and uses fat for energy.

The aim of Chalean to push everyone to total transformation can also be seen with the diet and support tools they include in the package. There’s a Muscle Burn Fat Guidebook, a really practical and easy-to-use manual for determining your daily workout and weight lifting schedule. It’s very helpful that every household can benefit from this fitness bible.

Another item, the Body Fat Tester, is a handy gadget for measuring body fat loss every step of the way. It’s very easy to use, that I do use it every two weeks just to motivate myself with my success. The Thigh Toner Band is a great exercise accessory I use for leg routines. It provides me extra resistance so that I’ll be able to achieve maximum results.

More free gifts further help me achieve my fitness goal: the Fat Burning Food Guide, plus Chalene’s Personal Motivational Audio CD and Chalene’s “Healthy Eats” and Kitchen Makeover DVD. It’s like having a personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach in my home!

I plan to continue with the Chalean Extreme program for a long time, even after I’ve reached my ideal weight. Maybe I could pass it over to my younger sisters, or even my future children! I know that great health and a positive attitude are the greatest gifts I’ll ever give to myself, and to my loved ones. Why not buy the Chalean program for yourself today – Chalean Extreme?

My Life-Changing Experience With African Mango Plus

Weight loss is a personal issue I had been struggling with until I discovered African Mango Plus, which helped me effectively shed off unwanted pounds – and discarded along with it my insecurities, depression, life frustrations, and medical problems that come from being fat.

African Mango Plus

The Weight Of My Story

To show you how African Mango Plus helped me, let me share you my story. I have been saddled with weight issues ever since I was a teenager. Due to a combination of unwise food choices and an unhealthy lifestyle, my weight has risen steadily through the years, until I reached near obesity measurements on the weighing scale.

My overweight body caused me embarrassment at the very superficial level. It wasn’t a surprise that I couldn’t face acquaintances due to shame over how I looked – even I couldn’t face myself at the mirror.

My social anxiety not only affected my social life, but also my professional direction. I felt opportunities slip from the tips of my fingers because of “simply” being fat. I’ve lost count over how many job interviews I’ve passed due to fear that I’ll be judged because of my weight. That fear isn’t baseless either. There really have been a number of times when I felt some people were rude, or simply uncomfortable with me. How could I blame them? Even I was uncomfortable with my own skin.

Most of all, my excessive pounds impacted my health negatively. I was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes due to being overweight and lack of physical activity. I felt tired all day, and I suffer back pain and joint aches.

African Mango Plus: Medicinal Benefits

Needless to say, my quality of life is at the lowest levels, and it seem like there’s nothing I can do to change it. I’ve tried all the latest diet trends, enrolled in various weight loss programs and taken different pills and potions. The methods were either ineffective or unsustainable, so even if I was able to lose some weight, I just gain it back again in no time at all.

Two years ago, I was introduced to African Mango Plus. I was about to dismiss it as another fad supplement, until I learned that African Mango was personally endorsed by Dr Mehmet Oz, one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

I learned that African Mango, through its essential ingredient Irvingia Gabonensis, is a very nutritious variety that has many culinary and health uses. Native to West Africa, in the old days it was a required fare for hunters, to increase speed and alertness.

Today, the red skinned mango, with its sweet and golden yellow flesh, is a favorite fruit in the region. The seeds, which contain the most concentrated nutrition, is used for cooking and utilized to make medicine.

Modern science has rediscovered African Mango, and several studies have listed the main benefits of Irvingia Gabonensi:

1. Promotes weight loss

2. Increases metabolism

3. Increases fat oxidation

4. Fights fatigue

5. Lowers cholesterol

Losing Weight Through African Mango Plus

By taking 150 mg of African Mango Plus two times a day before meals, I was able to experience a significant loss in my body weight and fat. I can measure clearly my success in numbers: 3 inches off my waist and 13 pounds less in just 28 days! Continuous use consequently improved the results.

While I’m taking my supplements, I still enjoy a healthy diet rich in fiber-rich, low-calorie foods. My increased metabolism makes sure all the nutrients and calories from food I take are effectively converted into energy, instead of excess fat as what happened when I had low metabolism. More energy gives me more vitality to exercise and move around – another plus for my weight loss goal.

Another important effect of African Mango is its promotion of leptin in the body. When there is more leptin in your blood, it sends a message in your brain that you had enough food in your body. I don’t feel hungry all the time, and my appetite for junk foods and sugar is almost non-existent.

Losing weight has helped me manage my diabetes, and eased my back pain and other bodily complaints. I feel and look great inside and out. Through African Mango Plus, my life has changed for the better.

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