Hair Loss Can Get Lost With Procerin

I experienced hair loss when I was in my mid-30s. The experience caused me serious anxiety, especially as it came during a time when I was dealing with mid-life issues as well. It would have been a downward spiral to depression, if I didn’t discover the effectiveness of Procerin for hair growth.

Men And Their Hair – The Real Situation

There’s a common belief that women are very vain when it comes to their hair. Advertisements for shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and other products for the clowning glory have always been targeted to women. Meanwhile, men like me usually just use whatever’s available in the shower. When I was younger, I knew nothing beyond the usual wash-and-rinse routine.

It was only later did I knew that hair maintenance should also be an important concern for men. That is because more men than women will be facing serious hair problems, particularly the significant loss of hair, as they grow older. In fact, it is said that thinning hair, bald spots and baldness is experienced by 2 out of 3 American males.

When it happens, hair loss will usually be most noticeable in the hairline first. As the hairline starts to thin out or recede, this will commonly be followed by gradual baldness at the crown of the head. This is the exact thing that happened to me, a condition called Male Pattern Baldness.

Male Pattern Baldness – The Irony

For me to explain how Procerin works for promoting hair re-growth, it is important to first understand the possible causes of excessive hair loss in men.

Doctors point to genetics as among one of the top factors of determining hair loss. If your father, brother, or a few people from the immediate family are balding, then you may also face the same fate, too. It can also happen due to stress, as a medicine side effect, when you are recovering from illness, or when your hair is abused by too much treatment procedures and chemicals. It is also important to check with your doctor if there is a more serious underlying condition for your hair loss, as it is also a symptom of critical diseases such as diabetes or lupus.

As for me, the dermatologist said my rapidly thinning hair was caused by overactive dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in my body, which happens often when men approach middle age. The effect of Procerin lies in its ability to prevent this activity.

When DHT is overactive in middle aged men, it creates a new pattern of hair development in the body. I saw new hairs growing out of my nostrils and ears, while my head loses more and more hair each day, without regaining them back. It’s an irony that should be funny, if only it wasn’t happening to me.

By inhibiting the overproduction of DHT, Procerin stops hair loss at its root cause. The medicine can do this without affecting normal hormone activity. Compared to other medications without natural formulations, I need not worry that my hair loss remedy will interfere with testosterone, and block important sexual functions.

Its formulation of natural ingredients is 100% free of harsh chemicals. The two-part solution of oral tablets and topical foam are convenient and easy to use, with its AM and PM dosage that won’t hold up busy schedules.

Healthier, Thicker Hair For Men Using Procerin

I was lucky because I proceeded with the medication just in time, as my hair was still growing. Just like others who used the medication between 18-35 years of age, I experienced thicker in the areas where I most lost it, while my existing hair looked healthier and full-bodied.

Those who have passed the hair growth rate are not left without hope either. The medicine can still help them by retaining their existing hair, making the strands stronger and the follicle healthier to prevent further hair loss.

Admittedly, I was skeptical at first when I first heard the wonderful benefits Procerin can bring. Even with clinically proven results and verified user feedback, it seems unbelievable for me that such a remedy exists for something that’s been plaguing a huge population of men worldwide.

However, I still decided to give it a shot, since they are offering an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee. I carefully saved their toll free number, so I could avail of the refund immediately if Procerin doesn’t work for me. I really did call the number after 60 days – not to ask for a refund, but to order another set of Procerin!

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It does work

Mar 15, 2012 by Brian Falconer

My wife bought Idol Lash as a result of a recommendation from this site and she came across Procerin whilst browsing this site. Because I am starting to go bald she bought this for me alongside her product and I've been using Procerin now for just over three weeks. It does work, and I am happy with the results so far. Thank you very much! Two very happy customers.

4.0 4.0 1 1 My wife bought Idol Lash as a result of a recommendation from this site and she came across Procerin whilst browsing this site. Because I am starting to go bald she bought this for Procerin Anti Hair Loss

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